AG Events


Creative and Visually Appealing Decoration Service

AG Events ensure creative and visually appealing designs to enhance the look and atmosphere of events. Be it your wedding, party, or corporate event, we certainly exceed your expectations.

Our event decorators work closely with clients to understand their vision for the event and then use their design skills and expertise in the latest trends and styles to bring that vision to life. At AG Events, we offer the following services;

  • Helping clients choose a theme for the event and developing a design plan that reflects that theme.
  • Decorating the event venue, including the use of lighting, flowers, linens, and other design elements.
  • Creating unique and visually appealing centrepieces and table settings to enhance the overall look and feel of the event.
  • Designing and setting up backdrops and stages to provide a focal point and enhance the overall look of the event.
  • Creating balloon and floral arrangements to complement the event theme and add a touch of beauty and elegance to the event.
  • 3D designing, video mapping, architectural lighting, and furniture rental services.

So, whether you are decorating your reception location, holding a religious service, or inviting your guests to a night to remember, we are at your disposal to create a mood that elevates your feel and delight.

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