AG Events


Top Quality & Affordable Catering and Dining Service

AG Events is a name for bringing high-quality and less-expensive catering and dining services to uplift your events.

From bringing the best catering service to your budget while not compromising on the culinary experience, AG Events is your trustworthy partner. Our holistic approach for wedding, party, or corporate events include the following;

  • Working with clients to design a menu that meets their dietary requirements, budget, and personal preferences.
  • Preparing and cooking the food, including main dishes, side dishes, and desserts, using high-quality ingredients and equipment.
  • Bringing fine drinks, cocktails and international cuisine experiences, including Italian, English, Lebanese, Russian, Halal, Kosher, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Algerian, Mediterranean, etc.
  • A team of Michelin-starred chefs prepares food for your event.
  • Providing professional and courteous service to guests, including serving food and drinks and ensuring that guests’ needs are met throughout the event.
  • Providing all necessary equipment and supplies, such as tables, chairs, tableware, linens, and serving equipment, to ensure a seamless dining experience for guests.
  • Setting up the dining area, preparing the food, serving guests, and cleaning up after the event to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for clients.

Event catering and dining services are often provided by experienced professionals who have a background in the culinary arts or food service industry. An effective event catering and dining service can help ensure that guests are well-fed and happy, that the food is of high quality, and that the event runs smoothly and efficiently.

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